Informatics Practices for CBSE Class XII

Reema Thareja

ISBN: 9789389211931 | Year: 2022 | Paperback | Pages: 228 | Language : English

Book Size: 205 x 275 mm | Territorial Rights: World| Series CBSE Higher Secondary

Price: 250.00

This book deals at length with Series, Data Frames and data visualization using the Python Pandas library module. The book also explores how SQL queries are designed using aggregate functions and data is transferred between SQL database and Pandas. Spread across 6 chapters, the book is replete with programming problems of varying difficulty levels to help students ace their board exams and campus recruitment interviews with ease. Amply supported by illustrative diagrams, keywords and topic highlights, this book is an ideal text that helps students build a firm foundation in the subject.

Reema Thareja is Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Shyama Prasad Mukherji College, University of Delhi.

  1. Introduction to Python Pandas
  2. More on Python Pandas Module
  3. Plotting Graphs
  4. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  5. Computer Networks
  6. Societal Impacts