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Computability Theory
Rebecca Weber

900, Paperback, 208 pp
Demy 8Vo (140x216mm), 2016, 9781470425944

What can we compute—even with unlimited resources? Is everything within reach? Or are computations necessarily drastically limited, not just in practice, but theoretically? These questions are at the heart of computability theory. The goal of this book is to give the reader a firm grounding in the ..

Introduction to Quantum Graphs
Gregory Berkolaiko, Peter Kuchment

960, Paperback, 288 pp
C4TO 180 x 240mm, 2016, 9781470425999

A “quantum graph” is a graph considered as a one-dimensional complex and equipped with a differential operator (“Hamiltonian”). Quantum graphs arise naturally as simplified models in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering when one considers propagation of waves of various nature through a..

Complex Proofs of Real Theorems
Peter D Lax, Lawrence Zalcman

780, Paperback, 104 pp
C4TO 180 x 240mm, 2016, 9781470426002

This is an extended meditation on Hadamard’s famous dictum, “The shortest and best way between two truths of the real domain often passes through the imaginary one,” directed at an audience acquainted with analysis at the first year graduate level. It aims at illustrating how complex variables can ..

Bhatia and Craig’s Elements of Psychology and Mental Hygiene for Nurses in India
Aruna Balachandra

395, Paperback, 400 pp
C4TO 180 x 240mm, 2013, 9788173719042

B.D.Bhatia and Margaretta Craig wrote this classic textbook for nurses in India in 1958. The second edition was published 50 years later, in 2008. In a span of just five years, the third edition is being brought out to accommodate changes in the syllabus and to meet the felt needs in the student..

BITS of Success
Harsh Bhargava;Kinnera Murthy;Anu Khendry

525, Paperback, 208 pp
R8VO 158x240mm, 2014, 9788173719158

The creators of Hotmail, FoodKing, Bharat Forge, MapmyIndia, Onida, TheFind, VarshaJal and the Buddh International Circuit, to name a few, were all driven by passion–the passion to realise their dreams. They all built successful teams and created enduring brands. Further, the founder..

Transportation Engineering, Volume II:Railways, Airports, Docks and Harbours, Bridges and Tunnels
C Venkatramaiah

895, Paperback, 980 pp
C8VO 120x180mm, 2016, 9788173719981

Transportation Engineering, Volume IIdeals at length, in five distinct parts, with the engineering aspects of Railways, Airports, Docks and Harbours and Bridges and Tunnels that form part of the undergraduate curriculum in Transportation Engineering and caters to the needs of civil engineering cour..

Communication And Educational Technology For Nurses
Jogindra Vati

625, Paperback, 566 pp
C4TO 180 x 240mm, 2018, 9789386235619

Nurse educators play an important role in developing the science of nursing education and preparing future nurse educators. Advancement in technology and globalisation pose several challenges for nursing institutions. There is a need for competent nurse teachers who can teach and guide..

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