Geotechnical Engineering

Debashis Moitra

ISBN: 9788173719905 | Year: 2016 | Paperback | Pages: 912 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: World

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Geotechnical Engineering combines in a single book, the theoretical aspects (Soil Mechanics) as well as the applications (Foundation Engineering). The author, with his long experience of undergraduate teaching, felt the need for a comprehensive textbook on Geotechnical Engineering that would efficiently cater to all the basic requirements of undergraduate students and proceeded to fill the gap. The lucid explanations in the book are strengthened by: 
• extensive use of figures and graphs, 
• citing of examples, even from fields outside Geotechnical Engineering, 
• for better understanding of the basic ideas and principles, 
• solved numerical problems carefully designed to strengthen understanding, 
•  inclusion of emerging areas of Geotechnical Engineering such as geosynthesis,                
  geotechnical earthquake engineering and environmental geotechniques. For additional material, please visit

Debashis Moitra is Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. He has had a distinguished academic career with his teaching experience spanning over 30 years. He is the author of one other book and several articles in reputed scientific journals.

Notations and units of measurement 
1. Origin, Formation and Nature of Soils 
2. Functional Relationships 
3. Index Properties 
4. Effective Stress 
5. Permeability 
6. Seepage and Flownets 
7. Stress Distribution 
8. Consolidation 
9. Compaction 
10. Shear Strength 
11. Earth Pressure 
12. Retaining Walls 
13. Sheet Piles
14. Stability of Slopes 
15. Site Investigation 
16. Bearing Capacity 
17. Pile Foundation 
18. Ground Improvement 
19. Stone Columns 
20. Geosynthetics 
21. Expansive Soils 
22. Environmental Geotechnology 
23. Introductory Rock Mechanics 
24. Machine Foundations 
25. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering