Clinical Methods in Cardiology

B Soma Raju

ISBN: 9788173716577 | Year: 2002 | Paperback | Pages: 524 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: WORLD

Price: 1380.00

Of late there have been dramatic breakthroughs in basic research, exciting results of major clinical trials, and new diagnostic and therapeutic devices. However, in order to effectively use these devices, the physician needs to keep two basic factors in mind: understand the fundamentals of the history and physical examination (rather than rely blindly on technology) and be aware of the unique patient-care issues of different regions of the globe. This book addresses both issues in an outstanding manner. The author brings his enormous wealth of clinical experience to this book. Clinical Methods in Cardiology is an exposition of his basic thesis that the clinical evaluation of the patient forms the foundation upon which the management of the patient is built.

Soma Raju, B., M.D., D.M., Chief of Cardiology, Care Hospital, Hyderabad.

  1. The Science and Art of Medicine
  2. Patient Presentations
  3. Cardiovascular Diagnosis
  4. Functional Categorization of Cardiovascular Disability
  5. Cardiovascular Dynamics: Basic Considerations
  6. The Patient’s History
  7. Evaluation of Chest Pain: Diagnostic and therapeutic Implications
  8. Dyspnea
  9. Syncope
  10. Palpitation
  11. Fever in a Patient with Heart Disease
  12. The Arterial Pulse
  13. Blood Pressure
  14. The Jugular Venous Pulse
  15. The Cardiac Impulse
  16. Auscultation of the Heart
  17. The First Heart Sound
  18. The Second Heart Sound
  19. The Third Heart Sound
  20. The Fourth Heart Sound
  21. Ejection and Non-ejection Clicks
  22. Heart Murmurs
  23. Systolic Murmurs
  24. Diastolic Murmurs
  25. Continuous Murmurs
  26. The Pericardial Rub
  27. Approach to Auscultation


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