Common Birds and Mammals of Andhra Pradesh, The


ISBN: 9788173716539 | Year: 2009 | Paperback | Pages: 164 | Language : English

Book Size: 158 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: World

Price: 930.00

Exquisitely illustrated, this field guide to the common birds and mammals found in Andhra Pradesh describes 157 birds and 42 mammals that commonly occur in the state, with details of their characters, habits and habitat. The book also has information on:

  • ecosystems found in the state
  • areas listed as protected, with details on the location, accessibility, and the special features of the sanctuaries and national parks
  • checklists of birds from a few bird areas in the state
  • the protected status of birds and mammals of Andhra Pradesh

WWW-India’s Andhra Pradesh State Office has been aactive since 1972. This is their second publication after Sacred Groves of Andhra Pradesh which was published in 1996. The simple writing style and fully coloured and hand-illustrated format of the The Common Birds and Mammals of Andhra Pradesh will appeal to high-school students, amateur naturalists, tourists and first-time visitors to wilderness areas.