Simple Approach to Group Theory in Chemistry, A

S Swarnalakshmi;T Saroja;R M Ezhilarasi

ISBN: 9788173716232 | Year: 2008 | Paperback | Pages: 156 | Language : English

Book Size: 158 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: World

Price: 550.00

The book explains:
 The basics of Group Theory
 What symmetry elements and operations are
 How to identify point groups
 The theorems involved
 The applications of Group Theory to spectroscopy

This book has been specially designed to use a simple and easily understandable approach that explains the basics of symmetry elements and operations, how to identify point groups and the application of group theory in spectroscopy. The numerous worked-out examples and illustrations of symmetry elements and operations guide the reader in a step-wise manner through the subject. Even those without a background in mathematics will find this approach easy and helpful.

The book is based on the prescribed syllabus for M Sc Chemistry and can be used by students across India as a textbook. It can be used as a reference book by B Sc Chemistry students.

Dr S Swarnalakshmi is presently Reader, T Saroja is Selection Grade Lecturer and R M Ezhilarasi is Senior Scale Lecturer in the Chemistry Department at Guru Nanak College, Chennai.

Symmetry elements and symmetry operations / Symmetry elements and point groups / Matrix representation of symmetry operations / Representation of point groups / Irreducible representations and character tables / Symmetry of hybrid orbitals / Determination of symmetry of vibrational modes / Infrared and Raman activity of molecular vibrations / Selection rules for electronic transitions / Appendices / Exercises / References / Index

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