Basic Engineering Thermodynamics

A Venkatesh

ISBN: 9788173715877 | Year: 2007 | Paperback | Pages: 496 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: World

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Basic Engineering Thermodynamics addresses the needs of BTech and BE students studying thermodynamics as a core course. Using his forty-year experience in teaching, the author methodically explains difficult and abstract concepts, making them easy to understand as well as interesting. Numerous carefully chosen solved problems and exercises are given to coach the eager student to tackle every concept.

Dr R Nagarajan, formerly Director, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, mentions in his foreword to this edition,
‘There are some who believe that we have reached a stage of “saturation” in developments based on Thermodynamic. However, time and again, it opens up new vistas.....

Professor Venkatesh has provided a thorough, comprehensive and traditional treatment of basic thermodynamics, which is of direct interest and relevance to students of Mechanical, Chemical and Aeronautical Engineering.’

A Venkatesh (PhD, IIT Madras, MTech, BE, BSc) has taught BTech students in IIT Madras for 35 years and guided PhD and MTech students in thermal aspects of solar energy. He was the principal of BTL Institute of Technology, Bangalore from 2001-2003. He is an industrial consultant on sponsored projects on NCES and has published nearly 100 papers in professional journals and conferences. He is at present Professor Emeritus at East West Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Fundamental Concepts and Definitions
Temperature and Heat
The First Law of Thermodynamics for Systems—Pure Substances
First Law of Thermodynamics for Control Volumes
Heat Engines—The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Reversibility and the Thermodynamic Temperature Scale
Entropy—Available and Unavailable Energy
Ideal Gas and Ideal Gas Mixtures
Properties of Pure Substance—Water
Real Gas
Fuels and Combustion
Objective Type Questions

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