Astrophysics: Stars and Galaxies

K D Abhyankar

ISBN: 9788173713811 | Year: 2001 | Paperback | Pages: 576 | Language : English

Book Size: 158 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: WORLD

Price: 1380.00

This book introduces the subject of astrophysics to honours and post-graduate students of physics, without the necessity of their being familiar with all the practical details of modern astronomical techniques of observation and deduction of data. The emphasis is on showing how an application of the commonly known laws of physics gives us important information about the properties of celestial objects and phenomena.

Foreword / Preface / Introduction / The Celestial Coordinates / Apparent Luminosities of Stars / Stellar Distances and Absolute Luminosities / Surface Temperature of Stars / Masses and Radii of Stars / Structure of Stellar Atmospheres / Chemical Composition of Stellar Atmospheres / Internal Structure of Stars / Stellar Evolution / Large Scale Motions in Stellar Atmospheres / Stellar Magnetic Fields / Hot Stars and Gaseous Nebulae / Distribution of Stars in the Milky Way / Motions of Stars in the Milky Way / Large-Scale Structure of the Milky Way / External Galaxies / Cosmology / Astronomical Instruments / Space Astronomies / Appendices / Bibliography / Subject Index / Name Index

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