Benign Breast Diseases: A Surgical Approach

Uma Krishnaswamy

ISBN: 9788125033080 | Year: 2008 | Paperback | Pages: 295 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: World

Price: 660.00

Benign breast disorders and diseases are commonly encountered in Indian clinical practice. Though reliable statistics are not available, the incidence of such disorders, in India, is thought to exceed that of carcinoma breast by a factor of ten or more.

Cultural inhibitions often prevent the Indian woman from seeking medical attention for a breast-related problem. Further, non-cancerous conditions are deemed unworthy of attention. Often, patients are subjected to needless surgical biopsies and unnecessary lifelong surveillance, with psychological consequences. And it seems a matter of luck that the patient receives appropriate management at all.

This is tragic, as the risk of breast cancer is generally lower among Indian women as a whole, as compared to women in the more developed countries. Yet the common problems of the breast have received scant attention so far, in developing countries

Benign Breast Diseases was written to focus attention on these common problems, to enable the medical practitioner to distinguish the benign from the malignant condition.

1. A CD containing clinical and pathology images has been included
2. The book is well illustrated with line drawings.
3. The book contains colour plates spread over 20 pages
4. A useful guide to breast self-examination has been included as an annexure
5. Algorithms for the management of breast disorders and diseases have been included.

(Free CD inside)

Dr Uma Krishnaswamy, is a senior consultant breast surgeon at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, India, an internationally recognised tertiary care corporate hospital group. She is a member of the Association of Surgeons of India and is an examiner for the Intercollegiate MRCS, held jointly by the four royal surgical colleges of the United Kingdom.


1. Development of the Breast
Uma Krishnaswamy
2. Anatomy of the Breast
Uma Krishnaswamy
3. Physiology of the Breast
Vijaya Ganapathy
4. Clinical Evaluation of the Breast
Uma Krishnaswamy
5. Imaging and Interventional Radiology in Benign Breast Lesions
Bagyam Raghavan
6. Pathology of Benign Breast Diseases
Sarah Kuruvilla
7. Management of Clinical Problems
Uma Krishnaswamy
8. Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast
Shivaram Bharathwaj
9. Prevention of Benign Breast Diseases
Uma Krishnaswamy

Appendix 1 Algorithms for the Management of Common Breast Problems
Uma Krishnaswamy
Appendix 2 Guide to Breast Self-examination
Uma Krishnaswamy

1. Development of the Breast 21–22
2. Anatomy of the Breast 41
3. Physiology of the Breast 42
4. Pathology of Benign Breast Diseases 143–147
5. Management of Clinical Problems 148–154
6. Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast 231–236
List of Slides in the CD 277–279

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