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Bhasker Rao and Roy Chowdhury's Clinical Gynecology (FIFTH EDITION)
S Rathnakumar

650, Paperback, 408 pp
D4TO 216x280mm, 2019, 9789386235237

Over the last decade, gynecology has seen a dramatic increase in the diagnosis, techniques and management of many conditions affecting women. Investigative modalities like ultrasonogram, CT and MRI have greatly improved the accuracy of diagnosis and improved management techniques, resulting..

Textbook of Pharmacology, 2nd Edition
Jagadish Prasad

1250, Paperback, 908 pp
D4TO 216x280mm, 2019, 9789386235749

Pharmacology is one of the fast-growing branches of medical science. This book deals with both basic information in the subject of Pharmacology as well as advanced aspects and pharmacological approaches for drug treatment of clinical conditions. Latest advancements in pharmacology during t..

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Third Edition
P V Guharaj and Sudhir K Gupta

1125, Paperback, 736 pp
D4TO 216x280mm, 2019, 9789386235787

First published in 1982, Forensic Medicine has been a trusted book of reference, not only for students of medicine, but also for law enforcement agencies in India. Since the last edition of this book, the field of medicine, as with any science, has evolved significantly with the ..

Ever Upwards: ISRO in Images
PV Manoranjan Rao, BN Suresh, VP Balagangadharan

3500, Hardback, 304 pp
D4TO 216x280mm, 2019, 9789389211139

The Indian space programme has the unique distinction of being born in a place of worship: the St. Mary Magdalene Church in Thumba, a fishing hamlet near Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. From those humble beginnings in 1963, the national space programme grew under the visionary guidanc..

Java Programming – for Core and Advanced Users
Sagayaraj, Denis, Karthik and Gajalakshmi

695, Paperback, 888 pp
C4TO 180 x 240mm, 2018, 9789386235329

Java Programming – for Core and Advanced Learners is a compact and complete textbook for core and advanced Java, covering the requirements of undergraduate courses in computer science and information technology. The book explains the concepts and reinforces them with several solved ex..

Python Programming
Ch Satyanarayana, M Radhika Mani and B N Jagadesh

425, Paperback, 380 pp
C4TO 180 x 240mm, 2018, 9789386235633

Python Programming delineates the fundamentals of Python language and provides an insight to Python’s role in domains such as the Web, GUI and databases. It focuses on the object oriented programming nature of Python and shows how Python language can be used to develop clean and effic..

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