Principles and Practice of Animal Tissue Culture

Sudha Gangal

ISBN: 9788173717192 | Year: 2010 | Paperback | Pages: 248 | Language : English

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About the Book

The technology of cell, tissue and organ culture is of primary importance in the development of the biotechnology industry. Major advances in the biological sciences have been possible, at least partially, due to this technology. Principles and Practice of Animal Tissue Culture provides basic information on the technology of animal tissue culture and discusses several specialised techniques. The book is well supported by relevant graphs and photographs of equipment and cultured tissues. The book is a comprehensive practical guide that emphasises ‘good laboratory practices’. Protocols, aseptic techniques, media preparation and data have been systematically presented to be of help primarily to students of biotechnology. The second edition of this book includes a new chapter on Primary Culture of Chick Embryo Fibroblasts written in the same lucid style. The book explains

  • The principles of animal tissue culture in simple terms;
  • How to set up a laboratory for tissue culture in India with the equipment and facilities available locally;
  • The procedures for various experiments and specialised techniques in a clear and lucid manner.
  • How to use a primary culture to help in the study of cell–cell interactions, maintenance of functional ability of cells and effect of external stimuli of cell functions (in the new chapter).
  • Various methods with the help of photographs and drawings of equipment in twenty colour plates.

Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

Sudha Gangal is a biomedical scientist with over four decades of experience in research. She is a founder member of the Moving Academy of Medicine and Biomedicine, Pune, and has been the Vice-President of the organisation since 2001. Her chief research areas are tumour immunology, cell biology and genetic diseases. She conducts basic and advanced training programmes for students and teachers on a regular basis, and has published several research papers and contributed chapters in several books. She is now Emeritus Professor of Immunology, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology, Bharathi Vidyapeet University.

Table of Contents

Introduction | Designing the tissue culture laboratory | Equipping the tissue culture laboratory | Glassware and plasticware used for tissue culture | Aseptic techniques | Sterilisation of materials to be used for tissue culture | Tissue culture media | Types of tissue culture | Organ and organotypic cultures | Primary cultures | Transformation, differentiation and dedifferentiation | Culture of cell lines | Protocols for routine characterisation of cell lines | Specialised techniques in tissue culture | Stem cells cultures | Autoradiography of cultured cells | Cytogenic analysis of cultured cells | Flow cytometric analysis of lymphocytes and cultured cells | Hybridoma cultures to generate monoclonal antibodies | Laser confocal microcsopy and its application in cell biology | Primary culture of chick embryo fibroblasts | Troubleshooting.

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