Universities Press Dictionary of Ecology and the Environment

Jill Bailey

ISBN: 9788173715389 | Year: 2006 | Paperback | Pages: 256 | Language : English

Book Size: 158 X 240 mm | Territorial Rights: Restricted| Series Universities Press Dictionaries

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About the Book

This dictionary contains more than 2000 entries that explain, clearly and concisely, the most relevant and frequently used terms associated with the subjects. An ideal resource, the dictionary articulates the scope of modern research and discoveries in the Earth’s natural and artificial components, the atmosphere, the biosphere, and human population dynamics. Among the many topics covered are:
• acid rain
• nuclear energy
• biodiversity
• pollutant
• deforestation
• resource management
• global warming
• smog
• halon
• waste disposal
• life cycle
• wildlife management

More than 30 line drawings and a set of appendixes (including a bibliography of print and Web resources) help to simplify many complex concepts, and crossreferences guarantee that the reader will waste no time in finding the right definition.

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Jill Bailey carried out research at Bristol and Oxford Universities on plant biochemistry and plant ecophysiology. She has produced several award-winning educational videos and written or contributed to a number of reference books, including the Penguin Dictionary of Plant Sciences.