Universities Press Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology

Robert Hine

ISBN: 9788173715372 | Year: 2006 | Paperback | Pages: 256 | Language : English

Book Size: 158 X 240 mm | Territorial Rights: Restricted| Series Universities Press Dictionaries

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About the Book

Universities Press Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology contains more than 2,000 entries that explain, clearly and concisely, the most relevant and frequently used terms in one of the most fascinating areas of contemporary biosciences. The dictionary is an ideal tool, articulating modern cell and molecular biology, including cell structure, molecular genetics, cell metabolism, cell physiology, and laboratory techniques.
Among the many topics covered are:
• parthenogenesis
• chromosome map
• lymphatic tissue
• spore
• endorphin
• molecular weight
• transplantation
• fission
• nitrification
• vascular tissue

More than 60 line drawings and a set of appendices (including a bibliography) help to simplify many complex concepts, and cross-references guarantee that the reader will waste no time in finding the right definition.

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