Universities Press Dictionary of Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Richard Rennie

ISBN: 9788173715365 | Year: 2006 | Paperback | Pages: 256 | Language : English

Book Size: 158 X 240 mm | Territorial Rights: Restricted| Series Universities Press Dictionaries

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About the Book

Universities Press Dictionary of Atomic and Nuclear Physics contains more than 2,000 entries articulating the terms associated with atomic and nuclear physics. The entries, which are written in a clear and concise style, cover modern research and discoveries in particle physics, questions of philosophical interest, and applications for nuclear physics in nuclear energy and nuclear medicine. Extensive cross-references provide easy access to the content.

Entries include:
• Absolute zero
• Atomic spectroscopy
• Bell’s theorem
• Black hole thermodynamics
• Cathode ray
• Chaos theory
• De Broglie
• Flux
• Gravitational wave
• Half-life
• Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
• Liquid drop model
• Nuclear magnetic resonance
• Plutonium
• Quark
• Rutherford model
• Schrödinger’s cat
• Special relativity theory
• Spectroscopy
• Time travel
• Wormhole
• Zeeman effect
• and more.

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Richard Rennie, Ph.D., conducted research at the Universities of Aberdeen, Oxford, and Cambridge and at the University of California, Santa. His main interest is in the theory of the structure of matter. He is a science writer and editor and has contributed to a number of reference books, including the Oxford Dictionary of Physics.