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Squaring the Circle: Seven Steps to Indian Renaissance book release photo gallery
  • The launch of the book Squaring the Circle at the Taj Krishna.
  • The Taj Krishna
  • Prof Arun Tiwari, Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr D Balasubramanian on the dais.
  • Prof Arun Tiwari addresses the audience.
  • The assembled audience.
  • Dr Kalam addresses the audience.
  • Dr D Balasubramanian releases the book.
  • Dr D Balasubramanian addresses the audience.
  • Dr Kalam signs the first copy.
  • A lively Question and Answers session with the audience.
  • Dr Kalam responds to a question.
  • A young boy asks a question.
  • Dr Kalam besieged by fans, eager for an autograph.
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